Ray & Kimberley

Ray & Kimberley

1) How did you meet and fall in love?

Kimberley and I worked in the same company and we met when I was travelling to Queensland. We connected a lot at work and really enjoyed each other's company and I would find any possible excuse to have the company send me to Queensland so that I could spend my time with her.

It was our shared interests and each other's personalities that brought us together.

2) Tell us about your proposal? 

I organised a weekend getaway in the Hunter Valley region for Kimberley. I had convinced her that a Truffle Hunting Experience was booked for the morning to justify why I had to wake her up at 3am.

But when we arrived at our meetup location, she was surprised to find out it was a Private Hot Air Balloon Ride. I co-ordinated with the pilot for the perfect opportunity when the balloon descends across Lovedale's Vineyard, Kimberley would see the "Will you marry me?" banner and that was when I said my speech and pop the magical question.

2) Tell us about your Nolan and Vada engagement ring and why you chose it? 

Oval Purple Sapphire Engagement Ring - Nolan and Vada

I knew Kimberley's favourite gems were sapphires and in my search for reputable jewellers I discovered Nolan and Vada. Its values aligned closely with mine to purchase an engagement ring that is both artistic and ethically sourced.

Likewise, I was attracted to the opportunity to design a bespoke ring for Kimberley that would be modern and individual. I made an online query and was quickly contacted by their design consultant Cyril.

Cyril was prompt and shared with me high-resolution images and videos that helped me decide on this stunning purple/blue sapphire from Nolan and Vada's collection.

Likewise, I was impressed by the unique French Basket with a hidden halo setting. I immediately knew it was the one! This was a modern setting, that highlighted the beauty of the gem. Moreover, it was modern and something you would not find in a traditional jeweller.

Cyril provided exceptional service and guided me through each design process. It helped a novice like myself feel confident in my investment. I would recommend Nolan and Vada to anyone looking for an artistic and ethically sourced, coloured-gem ring.