Astin & Nicollette

Astin & Nicollette

1) How did you meet and fall in love?

Nic’s friend and my two friends were at a wedding in early 2018. They were very inebriated and started talking about friends of theirs who were single, us, and realised that we had a lot in common (love of cats, horse riders, outdoorsy, love roller coasters etc.) and they decided to introduce us.

We met on 23 May at the Queen Victoria statue outside the QVB in Sydney. It was clear for both of us that there was something there immediately and the rest is, as they say, history.

2) Tell us about your proposal? 

The proposal was very complicated and I was fortunate enough to have the help of Nic’s youngest sister, would’ve been so stressful without her. I organised a scavenger hunt across Sydney starting at Nic’s house and ending at the beach I grew up on.

It took the entire day, included challenges like getting through Sydney aquarium in 20 minutes and taking a photo of a jelly fish, shark and coral. The final clue led Nic to an ‘X’ marked in the sand on the beach and while she was digging, I got down on one knee and proposed when she turned around. She said “really?” before yes because she was so surprised.

2) Tell us about your Nolan and Vada engagement ring and why you chose it? 

I knew I wanted a sapphire because Nic always wanted a sapphire engagement ring. When I was researching sapphires, I came across parti sapphires and fell in love with them. They are just so magical and unique, and I loved how they seemed to capture the ocean inside them.

I had seen a ring design I liked and I sent that across to the NV team. Cyril from Nolan and Vada was incredible and sent a few different mock-ups for me to look at, as well as multiple stones. I wanted a very deep blue stone and Cyril delivered! It changes colour in different lights and is just an amazingly vibrant and beautiful stone. I couldn’t be more pleased with what Nolan and Vada made and neither could Nic.