Finding Her Ring Size

Finding Her Ring Size

An essential element of figuring out her ring size, shouldn’t be the reason of giving away your well-planned surprise. Specializing in bespoke engagement rings, many of our customers ask us about tips and ways to find an accurate ring size but the truth is that it is not an easy task!

We have tried our best to compile a guide for your reference which will help you in finding her ring size accurately.


Keeping a secret is hard enough, and something like this needs a calm and composed conduct. Subtle hints from jewelery billboard ads or talking about another friend’s ring choices are good places to start the conversation. Don’t be surprised if she gives you her size and design preferences as well. Constant repetition might provide an opportunity of spotting you out, so be very cautious.


Sneaking around her jewelery box might give you the answers you’re looking for. Remember to find a ring she wears occasionally, that fits her left ring finger so you have a perfect fit. Take a pencil and trace the ring from inside on a sheet of paper. Repeat this at least 3-4 times to get an accurate drawing for the diameter.

Once you have an accurately traced circle, then using our ring measurement guide, you’ll easily be able to pick out her size.


Feeling a bit insecure with your conclusions, we could send you a complimentary ring sizer for your convenience and assurance. Work around the story of a dummy ring, perhaps one for your mom or sister and ask her for help with determining their size. Being subtle is important so she doesn’t fish out your plan.


A woman’s girlfriends would generally have a list of details ready, waiting for you to just ask. Not only size, but styles and stone color choices could also be part of their long list.


Seeking help from a friend to subtly get her accurate size might be your best bet.


If you can come up with a great story and get your partner’s fingers professionally measured at one of the mall jewelers, then it would make sizing a lot more accurate for your special moment.


Although we are now moving away from the surprise, asking her for her ring size might have been just what she was waiting for. Letting her choose a ring matching her style and personality coupled with the correct size is perhaps the trend modern day couples are moving towards.

From what we have heard from customers, a convincing story and a confident approach is all you need to find her ring size.