Sapphire Size Chart

Selecting your sapphire

Choosing an appropriate carat size can be a bit tricky and most couples wonder how big the sapphire would look on the hand.

Carat being the weight of the sapphire, it can often misrepresent the actual size since every sapphire comes with a unique cut and a varied pavilion (belly) height. For a true representation of size, it is always recommended to measure the sapphire in millimeters (MM).

Comparing the size of sapphires with diamonds, it is also important to remember that sapphires have a higher specific gravity and they weigh more than diamonds.

For example, an approx. 1.40 carat sapphire would look visually similar to an approx. 1.00 carat diamond.

To help you visualize sapphire sizes as close as possible, here is a sapphire size chart which illustrates a relationship between approx. carat weight and their dimensions in MM.

All measurements are based upon ideal cut proportions. Due to variation in height and shape of the pavilion (belly) of the sapphires, the carat weight + dimensions can vary greatly.

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Printable Sapphire Size Chart

Download and print a copy of our sapphire size chart to see the actual sizes of sapphires in various shapes.